Now that the bird nesting season has finished, we will be starting the new season of 'cutting back' and getting on top of the summer of growth.  
Following a summer where the weather has been extremely vaired (and has led to signifcant growth across the parish), we are now moving into the winter season, where grass cutting stops and other work is undertaken.  
This is primarily cutting back shrubbery, copses, small bushes and trees and generally getting on top of the summers growth. We know that there are lots of areas where overgrown patches are causing some difficulties and we will get round them all, but this takes time.  
The schedule has started on Beanhill, where the paths are the priority, ensuring that they are clear, with good visibility and safe to use. After this, the schdule is: 
Tinkers Bridge 
Peartree Bridge 
Coffee Hall 
Industrial estates 
In the meantime, if there are URGENT works that are needed (i.e. sightline issues, health and safety concerns) then please get in touch by emailing us at or ringing 01908 395681 (Option 5) and we can get someone to have a look and see what can be done.  
Please note that there are some areas which are Parks Trust, some that are MK Highways department and many that are private households. We cannot undertake work in these areas, but can help put you in touch with the right people.  
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