This page gives details of the elected and co-opted members of Woughton Community Council, alongside the 'wards' (the estates) that they serve. 
Councillors are public servants and should comply with the Code of Conduct. This lays out the expectations of councillors whilst they are undertaking their duties. 
Councillors are paid an allowance each year to enable them to pay reasonable expenses that form part of their role (e.g. phone costs, travel costs, stationary, etc.). This is agreed each year by an independent panel, managed by Milton Keynes City Council. For the council year May 2023 - April 2024, these amount have been set at £877.00 for councillors, with higher payments for the Chair and Leader of the Council - £1753 per annum.  
More information about councillor allowances can be found HERE 


Cllr Alan Williamson 
Beanhill Ward 
01908 234821 
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Hi folk's. My name is Alan Williamson and I am one of your three Beanhill parish councillors. I'm a retired builder and lived on Beanhill for 16 years. Before I became a councillor, I used to go to Moorland and help do a learn to cook cheaply group. 
I'm 76 years young and have been your councillor for the last 7 years and hope some of you have met and I have helped you in some way. If not and you need help, don't be afraid to phone or even knock my door for help in any way that is in my power to do. 
Many thanks Alan 
Cllr Lorna Webb 
Beanhill Ward 
07920 026414 
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Having lived in the parish since 1994 (Beanhill since 2014), I am pleased to join Woughton Community Council.  
I was Chairperson for the estate for a while and undertook trips, fundays, litters picks and other projects. I believe that everyone has a voice and should be heard. I helped out in our local community shop for just over a year and met some wonderful people.  
I am committed to improving our local environment, tackling issues of litter, fly tipping and dog fouling. I will support residents with issues and concerns which may include drug usage and anti-social behaviour. My door is always open and I have been told I make a wicked cuppa!  
Cllr Charlie Marsh 
Beanhill Ward 
07460 930078 
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Hi. My name is Charilie Marsh. I am one of the three Parish Councillors on Beanhill. I have lived here for nearly 17 years. Many of you may know me from the Morrlands Family Centre where I volunteered for several years. I am currently a Safeguarding Govenor for Moorlands Nursery School.  
I look forward to meeting people I don't know year and the challneges that being a Councillor can bring. More importantly, I look forwad to working with all the parish councillors from Woughton Parish to make all our estates great.  
Many thanks. Charlie.  


Cllr Donna Fuller 
Leader of the Council - Coffee Hall Ward 
07925 237282 
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Donna became a Councillor in 2000, she would like the real Woughton to be recognised: A true community, multi cultural, diverse, generational and thriving. Donna is the Leader of the Council. Donna’s family are her favourite past time, but she also likes to relax by reading, knitting and doing crosswords and jigsaws. 
Cllr D'Anne Mordecai 
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D'Anne was elected in May 2023. Her bio, photo and register of interests will be updated in due course.  
Cllr Nick Scott 
Vice Leader - Coffee Hall Ward 
01908 606559 
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Nick has been a Councillor since 2004 and has lived on Coffee Hall since 2002. He would like to strengthen his local community and is heavily involved in the Residents’ Association. Nick is Vice Leader of the Council. In his spare time, Nick enjoys fishing, working with the Cadets and socialising with family and friends. 
Cllr Deanna Norris 
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Hi, I am Deanna and I was Co-opt onto the council to represent Coffee Hall as one of 4 councillors. 
I was born in Dagenham and moved to Tinkers Bridge in 1998. I live there with my daughter and our 2 cats - I have brought my daughter up in the parish and have always believed this to be our home. This was one of the reasons I wanted to stand as a local councillor as I believe that looking after the parish as a whole, where our children are growing up and living in, can only be a great thing. 
I work along side other volunteers locally and help to run a Community Fridge, Larder & a Community Café where we help and support so many residents from within the parish, some outside of the parish also. 
I work full time as an office manager for a commercial catering company and have been there for over 10 years now. 


Cllr Luke Louis 
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Luke was elected to WCC (Woughton Community Council) in 2019. He became a councillor due to a desire to address long-standing issues which have plagued the estate, most notably concerns surrounding non-residential parking and fly-tipping. Considering this, together with the Eaglestone Residents Association (of which Luke is a Committee Member), he has developed constructive working relationships with statutory bodies like Milton Keynes Council, Thames Valley Police, and the local Hospital to resolve such issues (particularly around parking) through findings solutions which safeguards the needs of our residents, without adversely impacting our local economy and the health service. On the Council, Luke is a member of the Planning, Licencing and Development and Operations and Resources Committees, where he has provided effective scrutiny on Planning Applications which affect his estate and diligence oversight of the Council finances. 
Cllr Michael Holland 
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Cllr Holland was co-opted onto the council at the Full Council meeting on the 25th September 2023. Further information to follow. 
Cllr Liz Simpkins 
Eaglestone Ward 
07768 288993 
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Hi, I’m Liz! 
I am starting my second elected term as an Eaglestone Councillor.  I am the Vice Chair of the Operations and Resources Committee and a member of the Services and Community Committee.  I have supported the Eaglestone Youth groups and our environmental team in respect of planting and resources. 
The reason I stood again was twofold.  I wanted to see through getting Harrier Court work completed or just started, and not forgotten as it has in the past. This could mean residents living with scaffolding and a dark environment for a few more years to come. 
Secondly, I do feel passionate about Eaglestone as I was a long-term resident.  I wanted residents of Eaglestone to make the choice of whether they wanted me or not and as you said if I had not been re-elected, Eaglestone would only have one councillor. 
I am committed to: 
•Improving our local environment by tackling the issue of litter, dog fouling and fly tipping 
•Developing local facilities by focusing on our play areas and green spaces 
•Supporting residents with local issues or concerns, including drug use and anti-social behaviour 
•Resolving parking issues in Eaglestone, specifically the issue of non-residential parking. 
Although I no longer live on Eaglestone, I will continue to work towards improving the environment and services for all residents on Eaglestone and in the Woughton area until the end of my term as councillor. I am not a politician, just a person who wanted to get Eaglestone residents voices heard. 
I’d lived on Eaglestone for 42 years, and I was proud to call Eaglestone my home. For 18 years I worked in in Children Services, at Milton Keynes Council and have been retired for several years. I spent the two years before becoming a councillor campaigning to improve the non-residential parking on Eaglestone, and supporting residents on key local topics as part of the Eaglestone Residents Association. I enjoy gardening and have one allotments near where I live where I grow fruit and vegetables. 
Cllr Tony Coughlan 
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I have long performed a variety of charitable and civil roles alongside paid work, and having lived in the Parish since 2016, I was pleased to be able to join Woughton Community Council. 
I approach the issues facing residents and our local environment with a belief that the diverse communities within our parish are a huge asset, and a trust that we, the public, can contribute to innovative and workable solutions together. 
Beyond family life and the community, my other main interest is the natural environment, illustrated by my role as an RSPB volunteer. 


Cllr Janette Bobey 
Netherfield Ward 
07951 117905 
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Janette has lived on Netherfield since 1993, Janette has been a member of the Netherfield Residents Association for over 20 years, and has undertaken trips, fun days, litter picks and many other projects, she believes everyone has a voice and should be heard, and is happy to make resident's be heard, Janette aims to change the perception of the estate and concentrate more on the good things and to address the issues that residents raise. Janette has worked with all agencies that are involved with Netherfield which she feels is important to ensure all issues get addressed. 
Cllr Michael Ferguson 
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Michael was elected in May 2023. His bio, photo and register of interests will be updated in due course.  
Cllr Maggie Ferguson 
Netherfield Ward 
07703 619574 
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Hi let me introduce myself, I'm Maggie and I am a Woughton Community Councillor and one of the four councillors for Netherfield. I am a mother and nana who lives on Netherfield and love living here. I run a community fridge on Netherfield which has been running three years and have met some wonderful people. I also work at winter night shelter as a welfare officer and I am a member of our local resident's association. I am here to help with any issues and to give a voice to residents who have housing or benefits issues amongst many others. 
Cllr Eamonn Bobey 
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I have lived on Netherfield since 1993, I have been involved with the Resident Assoc since 2000 and have been involved in many community activities, as well as bringing residents issues up when needed. 
I am passionate that good quality council housing is available to residents at an affordable cost. 


Cllr Penny Glasgow 
Leadenhall Ward 
01908 395681 
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Hi my name is Penny Glasgow. I was born and grew up in New Bradwell so watched Milton Keynes grow. I spent 15 years in the army with my husband and had 4 children, who are now all married and have given me 14 grandchildren between them and one great grandchild. I have lived on Leadenhall for 16 years and loved being part of the Woughton community. For the past 7 years as I attended the craft club that was held in the hub before the pandemic. I now run sessions on a Tuesday morning in the community café teaching and helping in sewing and knitting. 


Cllr Sue Smith 
Chair - Peartree Bridge Ward 
01908 476043 
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After being born in Battersea SW London in the 60’s, my family moved to North London - this is where my education happened. 
I married at 19 to my first husband and moved to Luton, working at Luton and Dunstable hospital before moving to Northampton, where I changed from working in the hospital to working in a doctors’ surgery. 
After my first marriage ended, I moved onto a narrowboat for 15 years, with Paul, who was my soul mate and became husband no2 in 2003. Paul became too ill to stay living on the boat, so we moved to Beanhill and then Coffee Hall in 2014, where sadly I lost Paul in 2017 to Pulmonary Fibrosis. 
I continue to live in Coffee Hall with my German shepherd (Bella) and my chihuahua, Briar. 
I have 3 Stepdaughters and 6 grandchildren who are regulars to Woughton. 
I have been a Councillor since 2007 as I wanted to make a difference where I lived and will continue to do my best for the residents of Woughton. I am Chair of Woughton Community Council and I have been Chair for Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes Association of Local Council for the last 2 years and continue to Chair Milton Keynes Association of Local Councils. 
Cllr Ruth McMillan 
Peartree Bridge Ward 
07999 661632 
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Ruth joined the council in 2019 and is a resident of Peartree Bridge, and is involved with the new Peartree Bridge Residents Association. 


Cllr April Rennie 
Tinkers Bridge Ward 
07506 776232 
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I moved to Tinkers Bridge in September 2000.Originally from Zimbabwe I moved to the UK to give my children a better life. I am Mum to 4 and Gaga to 2. 
Mum to an Autistic young man and granddaughter so very understanding. 
I was on the Residents Association for many years but stepped back due to poor health. I came back as Vice Chair 3 years ago. 
I am very involved on Tinkers Bridge , I currently lead on the Community Larder, Community Fridge and Café. 
I am always here to assist in anyway I can , or sign post in the right direction. 
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