Each year, Woughton Community Council consults local people via the annual 'priorities survey'. This, combined with the views of councillors, officers and others means that a draft 'plan' for the coming year is created.  
The plan then gets discussed at each committee meeting and at Full Council, with changes made along the way, new items added and new ideas discussed.  
All of this leads to.... 
This is the plan that details the *new* initiatives that the council wants to focus on over the year. This plan is usually agreed in January (as it links to the annual budget), but runs through the Council Year - starts in May and ends in April.  
The plan doesn't include everything we do, but focuses on the new stuff. So this year, there are 29 items on the plan, covering everything from covid recovery, to CCTV use. The full plan can be found HERE 
The plan usually includes some things from previous years - these can be items that were put 'on hold', things that have started, but not been complete or things that happened, but now changes are needed.  
You can check previous year plans below: 
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