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Woughton Community Council is the council closest to the residents in the parish of Woughton. The Community Council is here to support residents by representing their views on issues affecting them. We provide environmental and community facilities. On our website you will find information about Woughton Community Council’s services, as well as news about upcoming events and projects.

You can also get information at our office, based in the Local Centre on Coffee Hall. We are open each weekday between 10am – 3 pm (except Wednesdays, when we are closed). We will be looking at opening on one evening a week and at the weekends as restrictions ease further.

More details on our ‘Contact Us’ page.



As part of the city wide ‘Summer of Fun’, here in Woughton we will have our usual range of activities, plus some new and exciting things – you can click HERE to download a full leaflet with details of everything locally.

If you would like to book FREE lunches for your children, please complete the form below (this needs to be done by noon on Friday of the week before, so you will need to complete each week you want lunches).

Any queries, contact Gemma on 07983 599279



Click Here to view Current Vacancies



Annual Governance Statement and Reporting

Following the Extraordinary Full Council Meeting that took place on 22nd June, we have now published our ‘Notification of Public Rights’ (you can find that HERE) alongside the budget and the Annual Return that will follow.
Any queries, please do let us know.

 Annual Service Plan

Each year, we create a plan that determines the activities and actions that we aim to achieve. The plan runs from April to March (the financial year for us) and includes a whole range of things that help the council do what we are set up to do – help local people make Woughton great. The plan for the coming year was agreed and ratified at Full Council in January and covers the period from April 2021 – March 2022

You can find the plan at 

MK Council update on recycling (Green bin) collections:

MK Council will be suspending green bin collection again as of Monday 26th July 2021, due to the impact of isolating staff members. This helps ensure that black bags and recycling can be managed.

We hope that this will be a short term problem that can be resolved as quickly as possible and will keep you updated.

We ask you to share this information as widely as possible with networks, residents, friends and neighbours to ensure that everyone is aware, particularly those who do not have access to the internet. This may help with sharing the information more widely.

A media release will be issued shortly, the website will be updated and there will be regular social media posts to keep residents updated.

Thank you again to all residents for your patience in these unprecedented times.

All the best


Coronavirus News

With the new ‘lockdown’, there is a lot of change and news happening each and every day. Whilst we will keep our main coronavirus page updated, we will also add any recent developments here on the homepage.

NEW ideas for keeping busy

With thanks to the people who created and posted these on social media, we have put all these ideas into one place – 9 different scavenger hunts that you can do indoors or outdoors.
All our ideas are within our Coronavirus support pages, with activity ideas at




Settled Status Support

Following discussions at our Full Council meeting in December, it was suggested that to support all our residents, we enable people who are EU nationals to apply for ‘Settled Status’, to enable them to continue to be part of out community post June 2021.
The government link is for information and advice around this.
If you feel you would benefit from some support with this, please contact us and we can see how we can help.


For information about Covid-19 (known as coronavirus) and the steps that Woughton Community Council are taking, click HERE

Following advice from Central Government and in line with safety precautions, as from 17th March 2020 the following actions have been taken to protect local residents and staff and help reduce the impact of the virus:

This is clearly a difficult time and these decisions have not been taken lightly. We have to protect our staff, our councillors, our residents and those we come into contact with. Whilst many of us don’t fall within the ’high risk’ categories, many of us do and the need to protect everyone is paramount.

For further information about sources of support, click HERE

And for details of resources that might be useful during this period, click HERE

We have also published resources that can help talk about the situation, click HERE






*NEW* Gazette (and previous copies!)

You can check out the Winter edition of the Gazette, which includes information about the Priorities and Budget consultation, Remembrance Day, a review of the year and loads of other stuff from around the parish.

You can also still look at previous editions of ‘My Woughton Gazette’, going back to 2015 (and a few from even earlier).




Councillor Surgeries

You can find details of our Ward Councillor surgeries by clicking HERE


Click Here to see our current vacancies


Annual Returns

As part of our governance and to make sure that we are compliant with all the laws and rules around local councils, each year we provide an ‘Annual Governance and Accountability Return’ (sometimes known as an AGAR) to external auditors. Local electors have a right to see this return and, if requested, to see our accounts, etc..

You can find our annual returns for the past year HERE

If you have any questions or queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us

Your Councillors

Cllr Sue Smith
Peartree Bridge Ward
Chair of Council / Chair of P&R Committee
Cllr Nick Scott
Coffee Hall Ward
Vice Leader / Chair of Service Committee
Cllr Donna Fuller
Coffee Hall Ward
Leader of the Council
Cllr Alan Williamson
Beanhill Ward
Cllr Jordan Coventry
Eaglestone Ward
Vice Chair of the Council/ Chair of Operations Committee
Cllr John Orr
Peartree Bridge Ward
Cllr Amber McQuillan
Beanhill Ward
Cllr Yvonne Tomlinson
Leadenhall Ward
Cllr Pam Wilson
Eaglestone Ward
Cllr Terri Parish
Netherfield Ward
Cllr Ruth McMillan
Peartree Bridge Ward
Cllr Maggie Ferguson
Netherfield Ward
Cllr Luke Louis
Eaglestone Ward
Cllr Lauren Townsend
Coffee Hall Ward
Cllr Janette Bobey
Netherfield Ward
Cllr Elina Apse
Netherfield Ward
Cllr Brian Hepburn
Beanhill Ward


Woughton Community Council News

Landscaping and grass cutting
June 9th, 2021

    We wanted to update you on the landscaping, as there have been some comments about how long the grass is, both here in Woughton and elsewhere in the city. Woughton has seen a strange spring and early summer, with heavy rain, then lots of sun, temperatures that are … Continue reading “Landscaping and grass cutting”

WCC response to the ‘Virtual Meetings’ decision
April 30th, 2021

This week, the High Court ruled against Lawyers in Local Government (LLG), Association of Democratic Services Officers (ADSO) and Hertfordshire County Council and their bid to enable local councils to continue meeting remotely. The judgement states that following the ending of the current ‘Flexibility’ regulations on May 6th, that local … Continue reading “WCC response to the ‘Virtual Meetings’ decision”

Cllr Tina El Shabrawy
March 24th, 2021

It is with the deepest sadness that we have to announce the death of Cllr Tina El-Shabrawy. Cllr El-Shabrawy, Tina,  was a respected, valued and popular member of the Woughton family. She worked tirelessly for the Residents of Beanhill (her ward) she will be sorely missed by those residents and … Continue reading “Cllr Tina El Shabrawy”

Traffic Management Consultations – March 2021
March 18th, 2021

There are a couple of consultations that are currently being discussed at Milton Keynes Council about road changes in the parish – please see the information below and let MKC know your views. The above is a consultation about making some roads in Peartree Bridge into 20mph zones. More information … Continue reading “Traffic Management Consultations – March 2021”

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