Uganda Trip

2016 sees Woughton Community Council striving to discover, connect & celebrate the cultural diversity in our area.

Focus on the diversity in Woughton brought highly successful Commonwealth Day celebrations in March and a culture rich Carnival in June. Our Youth Manager plans to take 12 local young people to Uganda, East Africa in July 2017.

The three week trip will see Woughton teens (15+) working on a community project which will enrich the lives of the most needy whilst developing their own life experience, knowledge & skills in an exciting, life changing way.

At least one young person from each estate will go. Applicants will need to apply with parental consent, complete challenges, training & preparation/planning sessions, and with support from the youth team, will need to fundraise/gain sponsorship.

More information will follow, but if you are a young person or parent/carer already interested interested in this amazing opportunity please read the Initial Letter of Interest Letter and fill out the Initial Consent form, which can be downloaded below.

Initial Letter of Interest
Initial Consent Form

Contact Tash at 01908 392945/07853 590546 or for more information.

AVIVA Community Fund is now open and Woughton Community Council is in the running for winning between £5,001 and £10,000 of funding for the Youth to Uganda project!

In July 2017, we are taking 12 young people from Milton Keynes to Uganda, East Africa to build two play parks. One at Kisenyi , a Kampala slum and one at Kampala Children’s Centre for orphaned and displaced children (currently has little but very unsafe equipment).

Seven young people from deprived areas of Milton Keynes, within the Woughton Parish, will be joined by up to a further five young people from across Milton Keynes, as part of a peer mentoring initiative that will operate within the wider project.

A minimum of eight (completely self funded) adults will accompany the young people, each young person from a deprived area of Milton Keynes will be sponsored to the sum of £300 by one of these adults.

Young people who grow up in areas of high deprivation, living below the poverty line and with complex family situations, typically suffer from unhealthy self-esteem, lack of direction and low aspirations. They are less likely to achieve healthy peer or intimate relationships, gain quality life skills, access training or development. They are at increased risk of mental disorders, substance abuse, criminality, unemployability and homelessness.

These factors and potential risks are clear indicators of the need to intervene. The youth team work year round to support these young people and respond to their needs. However, we know that intensive, extended projects of this type are incredibly powerful in affecting change in young people’s lives.

This project will afford the young people the opportunity to have time and effort invested in them over an extended period of time, to participate in team building and improve their social skills. They will gain practical, social and life skills which will equip them for later life. Alongside these outcomes, by taking these young people to Uganda and the two locations specifically, they will encounter some if the most needy which will assist them in proportioning their hopelessness. Experience has shown that faced with a greater reality of need, young people are more able to see positive and opportunities within their own lives. Furthermore, the immense achievement of creating the play parks and working together as part of a team for the good of others will enable the rise of their own aspirations. The young people will return to the UK with healthier self-esteem, greater life skills and with a new found sense of hope and possibility for their own lives.

The project itself will take three weeks, by building the two play parks the project has additional positive outcomes. For the children of Uganda the project has sustainable long term benefits. Hundreds of children will play on the equipment over the coming years. Through their play, they will have fun, improve their social and emotional skills, develop fine and gross motor skills, problem solving and learn to manage risks. These outcomes will directly improve their quality of life in the short term, and in the long term will afford them an increase aptitude to learning, the promotion of healthy relationships and improved physical health.

Surely it can be seen that the benefits also far outreach the twelve young people who travel and build; also influencing and impacting their families, friends, neighbours and peers on their return because of their experience and the learning and development that has taken place. Furthermore, literally hundreds of the neediest of the most needy will benefit immensely – imagine what enabling this will do for the long term wellbeing of our UK teen world changers!

The funding will be used to directly subsidise the travel and care of the young people (which will cost each young person in the region of £1,500) and go towards the play equipment (estimated through East African Playgrounds to cost in the region of £7,000).

Please vote for YOUTH TO UGANDA knowing this project will benefit young people and children across continents and impact generations to come!

Visit: to vote for the YOUTH TO UGANDA project!

Posted on January 28, 2017