Landscaping and grass cutting



We wanted to update you on the landscaping, as there have been some comments about how long the grass is, both here in Woughton and elsewhere in the city.

Woughton has seen a strange spring and early summer, with heavy rain, then lots of sun, temperatures that are up and down and all of this has led to extremely fast growth of both grass and other plants. Combined with balancing mowing with allowing nature in some places (the ‘No Mow May’ initiative) and some staffing issues with sickness, annual leave and so on, we find ourselves a little behind where we would usually be at this point.

To address this, we have put some additional resources in place, with more people, more mowing and hopefully this will mean we catch up in a couple of weeks. With the weather now being warm and dry, growth is slowing down, and this will help. The Landscape Team is out in all weathers – rain, wind, cold or warm (even really warm!) and will continue to work their way around the parish.

Thank you for your understanding and for the support offered – it is greatly appreciated.

Posted on June 9, 2021