2020/2021 Finances

Each year, Woughton Community Council raises income, creates a budget and then spends money on providing services and support to the local community.

This page gives you information on the council’s finances and an opportunity to have your say about how we are doing.

We set an annual budget in January, with consultation taking place between November and January, which includes online, written and in person opportunities to contribute. You can see the budget for 2021 below or click HERE to open in a new window.

We bring income in from a variety of sources, including the precept – this is an amount that is part of Council Tax that provides income towards the services we provide. For information about the precept, you can visit the Milton  Keynes Council website HERE. A full list of parish precepts is available HERE. 

We will also publish details of our spending each month (in line with the law), give updates as we develop the budget for next year and details of the budget consultation, once we start that.

Documents are shown here for the 2020/2021 Council year (which runs from May – May each year), older finances can be seen by calling into the Office (Woughton Community Council Hub, Garraways, Coffee Hall).

External Auditors Report 2020.2021 b)

External Auditors Report 2020.2021 a)

Interim Internal Audit Report 2020-2021

Payments Made Over £500 – April 2020

Payments Made Over £500 – May 2020

Payments Made Over £500 – June 2020

Payments Made Over £500 – July 2020

Payments Made Over £500 – August 2020

Payments Made Over £500 – September 2020

Payments Made Over £500 – October 2020

Payments Made Over £500 – November 2020

Payments Made Over £500 – December 2020

Payments Made Over £500 – January 2021

Payments Made Over £500 – February 2021

Payments Made Over £500 – March 2021