Councillor Jordan Coventry


Attendance (based on 2020/2021 Council Year)

Full Council:                                           11 out of 11 meetings
Operations Committee:                     4 out of 5 meetings
Resources & Finance Committee: 4 out of 4 meetings

Register of Interests

Cllr Coventry has lived in may areas of Woughton; Coffee Hall as a child and then Tinkers Bridge and after returning to Milton Keynes following University to Eaglestone, where he has worked closely with local groups and Councillors to benefit the area. He is passionate about improving how Woughton Community Council interacts with its residents and making affordable and high quality housing available in the local area. He enjoys reading, trips to the cinema and taking long walks.

Cllr Coventry has recently held a Councillor Roadshow for residents of Eaglestone, and has supported the work of the Eaglestone Residents Association by awarding them his full £200 ward allowance for a project to beautify areas of that estate. He was also involved in the recent Four Bridges Festival, where 2000 people enjoyed a variety of activities. He has recently been to the NALC conference, in order to gain a deeper insight into how other community councils operate across the country. He has also had training in Budget Setting, ensuring that Woughton Community Council sets a responsible budget each year. As Chair of the Operations Committee (with responsibility for councillor training, HR and communications), Jordan has ensured that communication and interaction with residents has improved and is in the process of developing a Communications Strategy alongside the Operations Manager and in collaboration with the Council Manager has ensured that training opportunities are provided for Councillors.