2019 Council Meetings

Meeting Dates, Agendas, Minutes & Annual Reports

All Community Council meetings are held at the Woughton Community Council Offices, The Local Centre, Garraways, Coffee Hall, MK6 5EG. All meetings start at 6pm unless otherwise stated. All meetings are open to the public.

  • Minutes are shown here for the 19/20 Council year (which runs from May – April each year), older minutes and agendas can be seen by calling into the Office (Woughton Community Council Hub, Garraways, Coffee Hall).
Mon 20th April 2020P and R6pmAgendaMinutesPapers
Mon 16th March 2020Operations6pmAgendaMinutesPapers
Wed 11th March 2020Accounts Sub2pmAgendaMinutesPapers
Mon 9th March 2020FULL COUNCIL6pmAgendaMinutesPapers
Mon 10th February 2020P and R6pmAgendaMinutesPapers
Mon 27th January 2020Services 6pmAgendaMinutesPapers
Mon 20th January 2020Operations6pmAgendaMinutesPapers
Wed 15th January 2020Accounts Sub3:30pmAgendaMinutesPapers
Mon 13th January 2020FULL COUNCIL6pmAgendaMinutesPapers
Mon 16th December 2019P and R6pmAgendaMinutesPapers
Mon 25th November 2019Services 6pmAgendaMinutesPapers
Wed 13th November 2019Accounts Sub2pmAgendaMinutesPapers
Mon 11th November 2019FULL COUNCIL6pmAgendaMinutesPapers
Mon 4th November 2019Operations6pmAgendaMinutesPapers
Mon 21st October 2019Services6pmAgendaMinutesPapers
Mon 14th October 2019P and R6pmAgendaMinutesPapers
Wed 18th September 2019Accounts Sub3:30pmAgendaMinutesPapers
Mon 9th September 2019FULL COUNCIL6pmAgendaMinutesPapers
Mon 2nd September 2019Operations6pmAgendaMinutesPapers
Mon 29th July 2019Services6pmAgendaMinutesPapers
Mon 15th July 2019P and R6pmAgendaMinutesPapers
Mon 8th July 2019FULL COUNCIL6pmAgendaMinutesPapers
Mon 24th June 2019Services 6pmAgendaMinutesPapers
Wed 19th June 2019Accounts Sub2pmAgendaMinutes
Mon 17th June 2019Operations6pmAgendaMinutesPapers
Mon 10th June 2019FULL COUNCIL6pmAgendaMinutesPapers
Tue 28th May 2019Services6pmAgendaMinutesPapers
Mon 13th May 2019Parish Meeting + AGM6pmAgendaMinutesPapers