The building of the Beanhill area of Milton Keynes started in 1973/1974 during a strike by brick makers. Hence phase one was constructed by timber frame with corrugated cladding. The later phase two bungalows are brick-built. From the original build, with the exception of the roads of Capron and Simnel (which are two story houses), the rest of the residential buildings were all bungalows. After construction every new home came with a tree voucher, compliments of The Milton Keynes Development Corporation, known then as the MKDC. More recently there have been additional roads / buildings slotted in. For example where Bracken House now stands there was originally allotments. In 1989 phase three introduced 35 shared ownership homes in the Wheatcroft Close area.

In keeping with the 1970s Milton Keynes culture there were various arts projects within the Beanhill community. Notably the underpass painted in the Wizard of Oz theme, which was between Beanhill and Coffee Hall, at the back of Lammas. Also the Toadstools, created by Sue McFarland, on the field behind Simnel, they are still there. In Beanhill’s very early days there was also a street theatre based there called The Beanhill Flat Earth Society. They performed around MK.

Beanhill Councillors:
Cllr Brian Hepburn,  Cllr Amber McQullan and Cllr Alan Williamson

Rubbish Collection day:

Local Shops:
Local Centre, Dodkin, Beanhill, Milton Keynes MK6 4LP

Health centre:
Ashfield Medical Centre, 1, Perrydown, Wastel, Beanhill, Milton Keynes MK6 4NH
Tel: 01908 679111
Fax: 01908 230601

Beanhill Dental Practice, unit 1, 1 – 5 Perrydown, Beanhill, Milton Keynes MK6 4NE
Tel: 01908 696123

Milton Keynes MK6 5LP
Tel: 01908 684444

Moorlands Centre
Beanhill Local Centre
Milton Keynes
Tel: 01908 679819

Local School:
Moorland Infant School
Maslin Drive
Milton Keynes
Tel: 01908 678888
Fax: 01908 676897