Cllr Sue Smith


Peartree Bridge Ward
01908 476043

Sue has been a Parish Councillor since 2008; and a Woughton resident since 2006, the thing she would most like to change about Woughton is people’s perception of it. Sue represents the Peartree Bridge Ward and lived in a narrow boat in the area for over fifthteen years, Sue has been active in the local Residents Association for over six years. Sue is the current Chair of the Council. Sue enjoys helping and making a difference. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her six grandchildren and three stepdaughters along with her dog and cooking.

Cllr Nick Scott

Vice Leader

Coffee Hall Ward
01908 606559

Nick has been a Councillor since 2004 and has lived on Coffee Hall since 2002. He would like to strengthen his local community and is heavily involved in the Residents’ Association. Nick is Vice Leader of the Council. In his spare time, Nick enjoys fishing, working with the Cadets and socialising with family and friends.

Cllr Donna Fuller

Leader of the Council

Coffee Hall Ward
01908 691947

Donna became a Councillor in 2000, she would like the real Woughton to be recognised: A true community, multi cultural, diverse, generational and thriving. Donna is the Leader of the Council. Donna’s family are her favourite past time, but she also likes to relax by reading, knitting and doing crosswords and jigsaws.

Cllr Alan Williamson

Beanhill Ward
01908 395681

Alan is a retired bricklayer and has been a Councillor since 2014 and is a former Ambassador for Woughton Community Council. Alan enjoys baking and DIY and is a founder member of the local Men in Sheds group, and has two children and four grandchildren.

Cllr Jordan Coventry

Vice Chair
Eaglestone Ward
07340 308181

Jordan became a Councillor for Eaglestone in 2015 and is the Vice Chair of the Council, Jordan supports the work of the Eaglestone Residents Association and donated his ward allowance towards a project to beautify the estate and attends their meetings as regularly as possible. Jordan works as a Primary School Teacher on Fishermead. Jordan likes reading and travelling to new places.

Cllr John Orr

Tinkers Bridge Ward
07565 922368

John is involved with the Tinkers Bridge Residents Association and has a strong interest in the Regeneration programme.

Cllr Amber McQuillan

Beanhill Ward
07495 301358 






Amber has been a resident of Woughton for most of her life. She currently lives on Beanhill with her young family. Amber is passionate about her local community and is excited to work for the people of Woughton. She is also passionate about young people, housing and accessibility and inclusivity for all. Amber is also a Ward Councillor for Woughton and Fishermead.

Cllr Yvonne Tomlinson

Leadenhall Ward
07786 573027 




Having lived in Leadenhall since July 2002, I have always felt that the estate is very disjointed, which, with the lack of any public amenities other than a leisure centre and three large educational establishments, does not give a community spirit.  

I established a Residents Association several years ago in an attempt to create a community working together to forge relationships and arrange social gatherings, which, unfortunately, has not transpired, although several people have now signed up to the Facebook page and showed some interest when the litter pick took place. I will not give up…  

At this time I am attempting to have a traffic survey carried out, in an attempt to find some way of controlling the traffic, especially at the end of the school day.  

Cllr Philip Hopcraft

Coffee Hall Ward
07956 809969

Awaiting Bio

Cllr Pam Wilson


Eaglestone Ward
07943 055105

Pam has been a resident of Woughton for over 30 years and is the Ambassador for Woughton Community Council this year.

Cllr Terri Parish

Netherfield Ward

Terri joined Woughton Community Council in 2019. Terri is married with four children, a stepdaughter and has two grandsons and has lived on Netherfield for over eighteen years. Terri used to work at the Milton Keynes University Hospital and now has her own shop on Netherfield and has experience of working in mental health, substance misuse and social care. Terri was a member of the Netherfield Steering Group and is a volunteer with the Netherfield Residents Association. Terri is committed to ensuring that Netherfield continues to be a family friendly estate and will work hard to make it even better as Netherfield has so much to offer.

Cllr Ruth McMillan

Peartree Bridge Ward

Ruth joined the council in 2019 and is a resident of Peartree Bridge, and is involved with the new Peartree Bridge Residents Association.

Cllr Maggie Ferguson

Netherfield Ward

Maggie joined Woughton Community Council in 2019. She is also very involved in the Community Fridge and Men in Sheds on Netherfield, Maggie was part of setting up a crises centre when the estate suffered from floods, clearing houses and signposting residents to other agencies, Maggie is an active member of the Netherfield Residents Association and was a member of the Netherfield Local Conversations steering group. Maggie has lived on Netherfield for over six years and is married with five children including stepchildren and has seven grandchildren. Maggie has a passion for where she lives and wants to maintain the community spirit and give Netherfield its own voice and will fight to support the estate in becoming the best it can be for all residents children and their grandchildren.

Cllr Luke Louis

Eaglestone Ward

Luke joined Woughton Community Council in 2019.

Cllr Lauren Townsend

Coffee Hall Ward

Lauren joined Woughton Community Council in 2019. Lauren is also a Ward Councillor for Bletchley West.

Cllr Janette Bobey

Netherfield Ward

Janette Woughton Community Council in 2019. Janette has lived on Netherfield for over 26 years and is married with four grown up children and has three grandchildren. Janette has been a member of the Netherfield Residents Association for over fifthteen years, and has undertaken trips, fun days, litter picks and other projects. Janette aims to change the perception of the estate and concentrate more on the good things and to address the issues that residents raise . Janette has worked with all agencies that are involved with Netherfield which she feels is important to ensure all issues get addressed.

Cllr Elina Apse

Netherfield Ward

Elina joined Woughton Community Council in 2019.  Elina has lived on Netherfield for over five years with her partner and has two daughters and two stepchildren. Elina has been involved with fun days, trips, youth club, craft sessions, community garden litter picks and supporting residents, and has worked with various agencies. Elina is passionate about Netherfield and strongly believes together residents can make Netherfield a better place for everyone to live in. Elina aims to support all residents with their issues which need to be addressed and dealt with.

Cllr Brian Hepburn

Beanhill Ward

Brian joined Woughton Community Council in 2019. Brian served as a Councillor for Wolverton & Greenleys Town Council before moving to Beanhill in 2017 for housing needs. During his time as a Councillor he played an active role within the Council and its community and fully intends to continue his involvement with Woughton Community Council. He has spent most of his career within the transport industry as well as carrying out several years of voluntary work. He has a keen interest in the future of Milton Keynes and wants to enhance his local community and assist all residents where he can. He lives with his wife Alison who also works within the community and their grown up children, his spare time is taken up with his family, pets and a bit of DIY.

Cllr Liz Simpkins

Eaglestone Ward

Liz was elected to Woughton Community Council on 21st November 2019. Liz has lived on Eaglestone for more than forty years, after working eighteen years in Children Services is now retired and has since been campaigning to improve the non residential parking and supporting the Eaglestone Residents Association as member of their committee. Liz wants to deliver change for the local community and to drive local improvement and to ensure residents voices are heard. As a Councillor Liz is committed to improving the local environment by tackling the issue of litter, dog fouling and fly tipping. Developing local facilities by focusing on play areas and green spaces. Supporting residents with local issues or concerns, including drug use and anti social behaviour. Resolving parking issues in Eaglestone, specifically the issue of non residential parking.  Liz wants all Eaglestone residents to be able to feel proud to live there.