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Educational Resources

Easter Themed Activities

CRAFT Activities

  • Test your construction skills and build the tallest tower you can to support an egg.
    The tallest chocolate Easter egg measured 10.39m, that’s a REALLY big egg!
  • Pysanka is the traditional art of egg painting. Try blowing an egg and decorating the shell with paint.
  • Create a paper mache Easter basket.
    How: This is a great activity that you can complete over a couple of weeks or you can use the express method. Using flour and water glue and a cling film lined dish, use a microwave to dry each layer of mache for 20-30 seconds on a medium setting. Keep opening the microwave to let out the steam and dry the microwave plate.
  • Try your hand at origami and fold an Easter basket or a bunny. Cut and fold carrot shaped boxes to hold your Easter treats.
  • Make a mechanical egg or a model egg using materials of your choice.
    Why? In 2007, an egg covered in diamonds sold for almost £9 million. It is mechanical with a cockerel that pops up each hour, flaps its wings and nods its head.
  • Make paper flowers or have a go at flower arranging.
  • Go pom-pom mad and create yourself a little pom-pom pal in the form of an Easter chick, bunny or lamb.
  • Make an Easter tree decoration and hang them up at home.
  • Create an Easter wreath using plastic eggs and handmade pom-poms.
  • Decorate an Easter bonnet and hold your own Easter bonnet parade. Who’s was best?

FOOD Activities

  • Have a go at making your own chocolate eggs.
    The first chocolate Easter egg was made by Fry’s in 1873.The tallest egg measured 10.39m. Collect Easter eggs and line them up end to end to measure or beat 10.39m.
  • Donate the eggs to your local food bank and make someone’s Easter.
  • Bake your own hot cross buns.
  • Taste test jelly beans blind-folded and see if you can guess the flavours.
    The sweet of choice at Easter time in America is jelly beans with a reported 16 billion being consumed each year.
  • Have a go at making your own pretzels or buy some to try
    Pretzels were originally associated with Easter when they were made by German monks to symbolise arms folded in prayer.
  • Make your own tasty Easter basket treats.
    How: A firm favourite with all ages, make crispy cakes by melting chocolate and mixing in a cereal of your choice. Top with some edible eggs.
  • Kosher food is eaten in the Jewish religion, Easter is linked to the Passover. Find out what makes it Kosher and what food is traditionally eaten at Passover.
  • Easter is linked to Passover, celebrated by many Jewish families. Bake a simnel cake and find out what the 12 balls of marzipan, that are traditionally used to decorate the top, symbolise.
  • Bake your own Italian Easter bread rings, baked around eggs: Google it!
  • Have a go at making your own Brightly coloured, marshmallow shapes: chicks or bunnies (These are called America peeps are commonly eaten at Easter) or alternatively use meringue to create the same shapes.

Easter Themed Games

  • Take an Easter twist on a traditional game, swapping ‘Duck, duck, goose’ for ‘Bunny, bunny, chick’!
  • Bend like a pretzel and play Twister.
  • Hold your own Easter egg roll.
    What? Annually on Easter Monday, the President of the United States and the First Lady host an Easter egg roll on the laws of the White House.
  • Have an egg throwing contest.
    In pairs take it in turns to throw and catch the egg, increasing the distance between them each time.
  • In Sweden, Easter is celebrated by children dressing up as witches and wizards. Play the wizard game.
    How? Like rock, paper, scissors. Giants- stand on tip toes, hands high in the air and make a menacing noise, Wizards- crouch slightly, waving hands out in front as though making a magic spell, Elves- crouch down with hands cupped behind their ears and make a high pitched giggling noise. Giants beat elves as they “squash” them. Elves beat wizards because they outsmart them. Wizards beat giants because they zap them with a spell.
  • Hold your own egg and spoon race and make it more interesting with waterbombs instead of eggs!
  • How fast can you bunny hop? Hold races and race in relay.
  • Jelly beans are popular in USA at Easter. Play the ‘Bean Game’
    How? Caller shouts and the last person to do the action is out. Broad bean- stand with legs wide apart and arms out, String bean- hands together held up high above your head, Runner bean- run on the spot, Jelly bean pretend to wobble like jelly, Baked bean- lie on your back with hands and feet in the air, French bean- say “ooh, la, la!” .

 Other Ideas

  • Easter changes date depending on the lunar calendar. Go stargazing and learn about the cycle of the moon.
  • Learn about how different countries and religions celebrate Easter time: try researching : Germany, Sweden, America and comparing to Britain.
  • Look up Christian Easter beliefs and Jewish Passover, the Jewish Festival.
    Did you know?: The Easter bunny can be traced back to 13th Century when people worshipped different Gods and Goddesses. The Goddess Eastre (of Spring and fertility) was symbolised by a rabbit.
  • Plant Spring bulbs or tend to a garden.
  • Write a story about a rabbit in your favourite style of book.
    The first story of the Easter bunny was published in 1680.
  • Hold an Easter egg hunt.
  • Plan a visit and find out about Easter Island.
    Where is it? How would you get there? How much would it cost? What would you see while you were there?
  • Grow your own cress egg head!
  • Burning Easter fires is traditional is some EU countries.
  • Have an Easter campfire and roast Easter shaped marshmallows
  • Test out some science and try walking on eggs (in their shells).
  • Dying eggs is a craft and can be done with natural dyes.
    Try it yourself and find out which plants, vegetables and fruits make which colours..
  • Play pin the tail on the rabbit using cotton wool balls.
    How. Draw a rabbit on a piece of paper , put it on the floor and throw cotton wool balls to it, closest one wins.