Woughton Community Council Landscape Team

Meet the Team


From left to right Ian Tegerdine (Manager)  Stuart Rose, Vinny Haddock, James Appleby and Paul Johnson.

We currently service 7 residential and 2 industrial estates for grass cutting, hedgecutting, weed control and tree work.

Whilst Woughton Community Council promises to carry out the landscaping maintenance to the very best of our ability, there will of course be some issues that we will be unable to deal with directly. Issues that may arise vary from unknown land ownership to the unpredictability of the weather. However, we will advise you on a case by case situation regarding these specifics.

Grass Cutting has now ceased for the winter and will recommence in March 2018 (date to be added later). We acheived our contractual obligation of 12 cuts under an extremely high growing season.

Weed Control (Spraying):

01/02/2018 Leadenhall (Completed)

02/02/2018 Coffee Hall (In Progress)


Hedgecutting – We are currently on Eaglestone.  This is subject to change for urgent enquiries on our other estates.  Our schedule for the winter will be as follows






Tinkers bridge

Peartree Bridge


For urgent enquiries please either telephone our office number on 01908 395681 or email and leave your name contact number and brief description of enquiry.



When will grass be cut?

Between the end of March and the end of October it will be cut every 3 weeks dependant on weather conditions and grass growth.

Why are all grass areas not cut?

Where grass remains long there are Daffodils and Crocuses planted within these areas and they will not be cut until the leaves die back (normally 6-8 weeks after flowering.  This is good Landscape practice as it ensures plants will flower the following year.

Why use Herbicide?

This is the most cost effective way of weed control as the cost of the herbicide offset against the cost of manpower is quite substantial.

What about my privacy of Hedges outside property boundaries?

Hedges and shrubs are planted for their asthetics not for security or privacy, however we will advise residents of any severe hedgecutting before commencement of works.

When are Hedges cut? 

Hedges are normally cut on an annual basis once growth slows down i.e winter time,  we are also restricted by law not to cut hedges in the bird nesting season (april-july) therefore any hedges suspected of housing nesting birds will not be cut during this period.

Who is  responsible for trees?

We are contracted to crown lift trees so as to clear footpaths by 2 metres in height and highways by 5 metres.  Any other treeworks including felling and inspections are the responsibility of Milton Keynes Council.  All trees within the boundaries of council owned properties are the responsibility of the tenant and cannot be done by our Landscape team.

Enquiries on tree maintenance and inspection by Milton Keynes Council can be found here Email:-       Telephone 01908252570

If you have any queries, questions or concerns regarding any areas of landscaping please do get in touch on 01908 395681, email:

You will appreciate that this is not a small project that Woughton Community Council has undertaken, but it will achieve some brilliant results for the area of Woughton and continue our councils long standing commitment to develop community capacity building, promote local ‘ownership’ and civic pride.