Regeneration in Woughton

You may well have heard about ‘Regeneration’ or ‘Regen’ and wondered what it is all about.

Regeneration is a term that has been used by Milton Keynes Council to describe changes that are taking place on a number of areas around Milton Keynes, including plans for four of our local estates: Netherfield, Tinkers Bridge, Beanhill and Coffee Hall.

You can read the Milton Keynes Council ‘Regeneration Strategy’ HERE

Milton Keynes Council were working with a company called ‘Your MK’ to provide the regeneration project, but this has now changed and the whole Regeneration project is being managed ‘in house’ by MK Council. You can find information about this at the MK Council website

There have been major changes to the planned programme over recent months, with the first formal vote around Regeneration taking place at Serpentine Court on the Lakes Estate. This has not been without controversy, as reported widely in the local press. In addition, some national changes in policy mean that local councils can now borrow money to support local housing – the removal of the ‘borrowing cap’. The impact of this policy change is not yet fully known within Milton Keynes.

Woughton Community Council is committed to supporting our communities and has developed a policy that states how we will do this. You can read this statement below

Regeneration Policy WCC

We are also currently consulting with local Resident Associations with regard to a new statement from Woughton Community Council, strengthening the statement and making sure that the voices of local people are at the heart of any regeneration or improvement programme.

We aim to keep this page updated as the programme continues and welcome your views. You can also contact local resident associations on the four estates.