Regeneration in Woughton

You may well have heard about ‘Regeneration’ or ‘Regen’ and wondered what it is all about.

Regeneration is a term that has been used by Milton Keynes Council to describe changes that are taking place on a number of areas around Milton Keynes, including plans for four of our local estates: Netherfield, Tinkers Bridge, Beanhill and Coffee Hall.

You can read the Milton Keynes Council ‘Regeneration Strategy’ HERE

Milton Keynes Council are working with a company called ‘Your MK’ to provide the regeneration project. Your MK are a private company, partly owned by Milton Keynes Council. You can read about their plans for regeneration on their website HERE

Woughton Community Council is committed to supporting our communities and has developed a policy that states how we will do this. You can read this statement below

Regeneration Policy WCC

We aim to keep this page updated as the programme continues and welcome your views. You can also contact local resident associations on the four estates.