Councillor Geoff Woolmore


Attendance (based on 2017/18 Council Year)*

Full Council 1/1
Services         N/A
Operations   1/1
P and R          N/A

*Please note that Cllr Woolmore was elected in March 2018, so attendance levels reflect this.

Register of Interests

Councillor Geoff Woolmore has lived on Beanhill for nearly 15 years and is very focused on supporting his community. He enjoys carpentry and building things that improve the environment, alongside teaching those skills to others. He has previously been a councillor, but rejoined the council in March 2018.

Cllr Woolmore has maintained a strong focus on Resident Involvement throughout his time on Beanhill – part of Beanhill Action Group (BHAG), where he was previously Chair. Cllr Woolmore is also part of the Repairs and Maintenance Group (a partnership with MKC)

He is also involved in the MKC Resident Involvement Group, focusing on ensuring that tenants are at the heart of decision making. This has included interviewing of MKC officers and consulting at every opportunity to ensure a strong tenant voice around council activities and initiatives. One of the benefits of this work is that Neighbourhood Officers (estate officers) are now being created.

Cllr Woolmore helped with flood response on Beanhill, despite being flooded himself. He is ‘dogged and determined to see things get sorted’; despite that fact that sometimes it takes years to get action – he doesn’t give up!

Cllr Woolmore works closely with other WCC colleagues (especially the other Beanhill Councillors) to make best use of resources, providing advice and information where needed.

Cllr Woolmore is the Spokesperson for Residents of Regeneration Estates (RORE) for Beanhill, focusing on the challenges of the Regeneration programme that is due to start in 2020 within Woughton.

Councillor Woolmore is happy to be contacted with regard to any issues around difficulties with Mears, Housing Repairs and will work with local residents to try and find positive solutions. He can be contacted on 07516 475259 or via email at [email protected]