Sue Smith

Cllr Sue Smith


Peartree Bridge Ward
01908 476043

Sue has been a parish Councillor since 2008; the thing she would most like to change about Woughton is people’s perception of it. Sue enjoys helping and making a difference. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family and cooking.

Nick Scott

Cllr Nick Scott

Vice Chair

Coffee Hall Ward
01908 606559

Nick has been a Councillor since 2004 and has lived on Coffee Hall since 2002. He would like to strengthen his local community and is heavily involved in the Residents’ Association. In his spare time, Nick enjoys fishing, working with the Cadets and socialising with family and friends.

Kevin Wilson

Cllr Kevin Wilson


Eaglestone Ward
07702 114259

Kevin first became a Parish Councillor back in 1983 and is especially interested in improving public transport. He would like to see the gap closed between the most affluent and most deprived areas of Milton Keynes. When he’s not busy with politics or his three grandchildren, Kevin can normally be found cheering on the Dons at Stadium MK.

Donna Fuller

Cllr Donna Fuller

Coffee Hall Ward
01908 691947

Donna became a Councillor in 2000, she would like the real Woughton to be recognised: A true community, multi cultural, diverse, generational and thriving. Donna’s family are her favourite past time, but she also likes to relax by reading, knitting and doing crosswords and jigsaws.

Alan Williamson

Cllr Alan Williamson


Beanhill Ward
01908 395681

Alan has been a Councillor since 2014 and is currently the Ambassador for Woughton Community Council. Alan enjoys baking and DIY.

Geoff Woolmore

Cllr Geoff Woolmore

Beanhill Ward
07516 475259

Shammi Akter

Cllr Shammi Akter

Netherfield Ward
07848 982571

Jordan Coventry

Cllr Jordan Coventry

Eaglestone Ward
07340 308181

Jordan became a Councillor for Eaglestone in 2015. He would like to change the negative perception that others have of Woughton. As a teacher, he enjoys helping people, whether professionally or personally. Jordan likes reading and travelling to new places.

Sue Luttman

Cllr Sue Luttman

Netherfield Ward
07582 065322

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John Orr

Cllr John Orr

Peartree Bridge Ward
07565 922368

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Archibald Prempeh

Cllr Archibald Prempeh

Eaglestone Ward
07770 869839

Archibald took on the challenge of Parish Councillor for Eaglestone in 2015 and has a special interest in advocacy. He believes the diversity of Woughton should be celebrated. Archibald enjoys listening to contemporary music and watching movies.

Tina El-Shabrawy

Cllr Tina El-Shabrawy

Beanhill Ward
01908 395681

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Pauline Prop

Cllr Pauline Prop

Tinkers Bridge Ward
07456 433238

Pauline has lived on Tinkers Bridge since 1974 and first became a Councillor in 1990. When she is not busy helping residents, she likes to read and listen to music.

Yvonne Tomlinson

Cllr Yvonne Tomlinson

Leadenhall Ward
01908 663350

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Philip Hopcraft

Cllr Philip Hopcraft

Coffee Hall Ward
07956 809969

Thillai Visvendran

Cllr Thillai Visvendran

Coffee Hall Ward
01908 241147

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Pam Wilson

Cllr Pam Wilson

Eaglestone Ward
01908 607264

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Reginald Elliott

Cllr Reginald Elliott

Netherfield Ward
01908 395681

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Yahya Wiseman

Cllr Yahya Wiseman

Netherfield Ward
01908 395681

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